Image of Prof. Dr. Sebastian Iwanowski

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Iwanowski

04103 - 80 48 - 63

Raum: Ü09

Sprechzeiten im Semester: Do 11-12 Uhr und sonst nach Vereinbarung (bis 11.07.)
Sprechzeiten in der vorlesungsfreien Zeit: ab dem 07.08.: Meistens Mi 17 Uhr (außer bei Abwesenheit, siehe unten bei Aktuelles), sonst online mit Terminvergabe, Anfrage per email


Personal Issues

born 1962 in Berlin (West),

married since 1988, 4 children (born 1990, 1992, 1994, 1996), 6 grandchildren (born 2011, 2014, 2017, 2020, 2020, 2022)

active member of the Roman-Catholic church

leisure interests: active classical music (piano, flute, singing), languages, history, geography, hiking and swimming

Beruflicher Werdegang

Professional carreer 

since 2004      professor for computer science at FH Wedel
                         teaching and research focus (since 2007): mathematics, algorithmics, artificial intelligence
                         teaching and research focus (until 2007): distributive systems, knowledge-based systems

2002-2004       Studienreferendar (teacher trainee) at F.F. Runge gymnasium (Oranienburg) and Wandlitz gymnasium

1991-2002       research assistant and manager at the Department of Information Technology at Daimler-Benz
                        (since 1998: DaimlerChrysler) in Berlin
                         research foci: knowledge-based systems, model-based diagnosis, multi-agent-systems,
                         traffic information, traffic control, telematics, distributed information services

1986-1991      teaching and research assistant for theoretical computer science at Department of Mathematics at FU Berlin
                       research focus: algorithmic geometry

Akademischer Werdegang

academic education 

    2004           2nd (final) state examination for teacher at gymnasium (highest level of secondary school
                           for mathematics and computer science at Studienseminar (teacher-training college) Neuruppin (federal state of Brandenburg)

     1990           Dr. rer. nat. (Ph.D.) at FU Berlin in theoretical computer science
                        title of dissertation thesis: Approximate Congruence and Symmetry Detection in the Plane
                        advisor: Prof. Dr. Helmut Alt

      1986          diploma in mathematics with minor computer science (corresponding to master level)
                        title of diploma thesis: Search Problems in Graphs (in German)
                        advisor: Prof. Dr. Martin Aigner

1983-1986       graduate study of mathematics (minor: computer science) at FU Berlin

1982-1983       study of mathematics (with special focus on statistics)
                        at University of Maryland, College Park, MD, USA,
                        status: visiting graduate student, foreign exchange scholarship of Fulbright commission

     1982           pre-exams in both, mathematics und biology (corresponding to bachelor level)

1979-1982       undergraduate study of mathematics und biology (as equal majors) at FU Berlin

     1979           abitur (qualification exam for university)

1971-1979       secondary school at Canisius-Kolleg (Jesuit gymnasium with focus in ancient languages) in Berlin