University Profile

The Fachhochschule Wedel University of Applied Sciences is a well-known private university with approximately 1.300 enrolled students. Our institution is located in the Hamburg Metropolitan Area in Northern Germany. We steadily adopt current developments in the economy and integrate these new standards into the curriculum. This guarantees the excellent quality of our academic programmes, which in turn helps our graduates in finding jobs easily. In fact, 90% of our bachelor graduates have already signed a job contract by the time they finish their studies.

FH Wedel University of Applied Sciences maintains close connections to multinational companies. Co-operations are established via internships, theses and joint development projects. Following their graduation, our students are often employed by the companies in which students have already done internships or their theses.

FH Wedel currently offers eleven bachelor's programmes and six master's programmes. Currently these pages are only available in German. Except for the master's programme IT Engineering, which is conducted entirely in English, all of our programmes require academic level proficiency in German.

Guiding principles

We aim to provide our students with an education that will yield them excellent job and career opportunities once they graduate. For this purpose, our efforts in teaching extend beyond factual and methodical knowledge – we strive for our students to develop the character traits necessary for positions of responsibility in companies, organisations, as well as administrative bodies.

The tuition that we offer comes in interdisciplinary and well-adjusted degree programmes in the fields of informatics, engineering, and business. All teaching strikes a balance between theoretical foundations, current developments and practical application. As a privately run institution, we can provide a productive environment and a high level of care for each individual student.

The relationship between students, professors, assistants and any other staff is one of partnership and respect. Independence is valued, as is the ability to work as a team. We benefit from co-operation with universities all over the world and welcome students and staff from foreign countries.


A precursor to today’s university of applied sciences, the PTL was founded in 1948. Soon, the institution grew in size as well in terms of the degree programmes offered, and moved to Wedel in 1963. Following the introduction of first informatics classes as early as 1968, the Fachhochschule Wedel was set up to co-exist alongside the PTL, offering a higher education.

First international co-operations were initiated in the mid-1990s. In 2004, the FH changed its degree programmes to the Bachelor/Master system now common throughout Europe. Meanwhile, the selection of courses offered continues to adapt to the changing demands of society and economy, for instance by introducing the programmes E-Commerce in 2011, IT-Engineering in 2015, Smart Technology and IT-Management, Consulting & Auditing in 2016.


Despite teaching being our highest priority, we nevertheless strive to do our part in applied research. This includes both the more application-oriented research in co-operation with our partner companies and externally funded basic research. You can find an overview of points of particular research interest here (in German). A commitment to high standards of good scientific practice is expected.

Cooperation with industry and commerce

FH Wedel University of Applied Sciences maintains close connections to multinational companies. Cooperations are established via internships, thesis and joint development projects. An advisory committee comprised of representatives from renowned enterprises assists us in ensuring our Business Adminstrations and IT Management curriculum always incorporates current and future developments in industry and commerce. Furthermore, we regularly hold business forums and fairs to foster communication, to share new ideas and to help students meet potential employers. Our university also regularly offers seminars, and invites managers to give lectures on current topics and developments.

Companies benefit from recruiting graduates from FH Wedel, because our graduates are known for their sound education as welll as their "soft skills", in particular their ability to work indepenfently. Many of our alumni have risen to leading positions in renowned companies or have even founded their own enterprises. They often look for promising FH Wedel graduates first, when they have new or vacant positions to fill. Because of this, alumni networking is essential for FH Wedel. Our alumni association Wedeler Hochschulbund e.V. (WHB) has been founded in 1981. Since then many renowned companies have become members in the WHB and thereby cooperation partners of FH Wedel.