Courses for exchange students

Incoming students participating in an exchange programme with one of our partner universities may choose to attend any of our modules for credit points. However, most of the modules are conducted in German by default. Please contact our International Office or the respective lecturer in advance to ensure the module will actually be conducted in English.

Subject focus

Most modules have a subject focus on either business or engineering and computer science. Exchange students may combine modules of either focus as they wish, regardless of the study programme at their home university. Acknowledgement of modules completed at FH Wedel is in the sole responsibility of their home university. If you are not sure whether you have sufficient previous experience to follow a module, do not hesitate to contact the respective lecturer in advance. If no lecturer is specified, our International Office will help you.


Many modules are only offered in either the summer or the winter semester. Please inquire the exact dates at our International office, since they may vary slightly from term to term. Most of the exams for exchange students may be scheduled on an individual basis.
The winter semester lasts from October to March. Modules usually start in the second week of October and end in mid-January. The exam period lasts to the middle of February.
The summer semester lasts from April to September. Modules usually start in the second week of April and end in the first week of July. After a three-week holiday break, the exam period takes place in August/early September.

Language courses

These language courses are available for Erasmus students of all subject focuses.

Business-focused modules

Basic knowledge in mathematics, statistics and economics is required in all courses listed below. Therefore, first-year students may not be admitted to the courses.

Modules in engineering and computer science

Modules are available for both levels, bachelor and master. All master level modules are eligible for advanced bachelor students. Final exams will be adapted to their previous experience.