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Thank you for your interest in studying at FH Wedel. Please note that a registration for a study programme is not binding and that you will need to complete further steps until you are admitted to FH Wedel. Please also be aware of the fact, that the only degree programm available for being studied in english language is the master's degree of IT-Engineering.

International applicants without a German higher education entrance qualification will first need to go through Germany’s international student application service uni-assist. There, grades and certifications from your education system will be converted to the German grading scale. We advise that you allow several weeks of time for this process. Furthermore, please note that your application at FH Wedel cannot be considered without the certification from uni-assist.

Following your online registration on this very page, you will receive our registration form as PDF file by e-mail. In order to complete your application with us, please send the filled in document to sekretariatspam If your application is successful, you will then receive a binding offer of a study contract for your degree programme as answer. For more details concerning this application process, please also read the section below.

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