Tuition fees

 EU citizensNon-EU citizens
Fee per semester (full-time)EUR 2,250.00EUR 2,750.00

Students needing an additional semester for 30 credits due to their 180 credit bachelor's degree will have to study at least 4 semesters full-time. This additional semester will usually be the first semester of your studies at FH Wedel.

You may apply to study part-time for important reasons. Proof of the stated reason needs to be attached to the part-time application form. Part-time study is granted for one year, and you may reapply every year. Part-time students pay half of the usual semester fee. Please be aware that as a part-time student you may only fulfill 35 credits per year. Should you fulfill more than 35 credits in one year, your part-time status will be revoked and you will have to pay the full-time fees.