Tuition fees and budget planning

Tuition fees

Full-time tuition fee per semester for master's programme IT Engineering
 EU citizensnon-EU citizens
First three semestersEUR 1,980.00EUR 2,400.00
each additional semesterEUR 990.00EUR 1,200.00

Students needing an additional semester for 30 credits due to their 180 credit bachelor's degree will have to study at least 4 semesters full-time. This additional semester will usually be the first semester of your studies at FH Wedel, which means that you will have to pay the full fee, even though it is an "additional" semester. As compensation, for your third actual master's semester (your fourth semester in total) you will have to pay only the reduced fee.

You may apply to study part-time for important reasons, such as a part-time job or child care. Proof of the stated reason needs to be attached to the part-time application form. Part-time study is granted for one year, and you may reapply each year. Part-time students pay half the usual semester fee, i.e. the above-mentioned fee is valid not for one semester but for one year. For the first three years of part-time study you will be asked the full fee, for any subsequent years you will pay the reduced fee. However, you need to be aware that as a part-time student you may only earn 35 credits per year. Should you earn more than 35 credits in any year, your part-time status will be revoked and you will have to pay the full-time fees.

Budget planning

As a foreign student you may be unaware of the total expenses for studying and living in Germany. We have drawn up a sample table for non-EU students who need a preparation semester that you may use as a basis for your calculations. You do well to note, however, that these numbers are only exemplary and that your actual expenses will depend on your lifestyle.

Costs of living and studying in Wedel for non-EU students needing a preparation semester
Living expenses in Wedel will vary, depending on your accommodation and your lifestyle. These examples are meant to provide you with an overview on how much you can generally expect to spend per month, and to help you with planning your budget.
Rental rates, per month
Unfurnished room, hall of residence via Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein€210.99
Private apartment€350 - €450
General living expenses, per month
German statutory health insurance€80
Clothing etc.€40
Communication (phone card, internet etc.)€20+
Books and study materials€50+
Public transportation€79+
Leisure activities€100+
Estimated monthly total€569
Tuition fees for the entire study period
Preparation semester plus regular study programme, 4 semesters in total€8.400
Each additional semester€1.200

Please take into account that, due to adaptation to a different culture and education system, you might not be able to study at your usual pace, especially in the beginning. Thus, you may require more than the regular three semesters to obtain your master's degree. FH Wedel takes this into consideration by charging only half the usual fee for each additional semester, as seen in the first table on this site.

Because we are a non-profit university and try to keep tuition fees for every enrolled student as low as possible, FH Wedel does not grant scholarships, as this would increase the tuition fees for the other students.

Students with a German university degree have good chances of being granted a scholarship or being employed by one of our partner companies in the surrounding area. Students with foreign university degrees, however, will almost certainly not receive these benefits until after they have studied successfully for a couple of semesters at FH Wedel.

You are free to apply to promoting organisations such as the DAAD oder institutions in your home country for scholarships. FH Wedel is a fully acknowledged university equivalent to any public school. We cannot, however, give you specific advice on this topic, since the procedures strongly depend on your personal background your provenance.

If you decide to take a loan from a bank in your home country, you do this at your own financial risk. FH Wedel will not prevent you from doing so, but neither will we support this action by any document. Due to unpredictable differences in your study pace, it is very hard to predict what amount of money you will have spent until you will obtained your master's degree. Instead we recommend that you provide funds sufficient for at least your first three semesters, so that you can study seriously with us and try to get a qualified student job during the later semesters. The chances on getting such a job, however, depend highly on your performance with us.