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Academic Signature

An open source program for elliptic curve cryptography 
using a wxWidgets GUI  ( ecc digital signatures, ecc encryption and timestamps)

     We are living in a time where those, who steal from their friends,
     want to imprison the whistle blower for data theft.


Academic Signature is conceived to be a self contained public key cryptography program, which minimizes dependency on NSA influenced products and standards.

The necessity for such a solution became obvious in summer 2013, when Edward Snowden thankworthily blew the whistle on NSA behavior: The NSA aggressively pushed back-doored cryptographic standards, betrayed international academic values, lied to their parliamentary control panel(under oath) and treated everyone -including US citizens- as "spying target" i.e. potential terrorist. It thus has been shown to be completely out of control.

Unfortunately the US Administration seems more determined to pursue its war on whistle blowers than to clean up this mess. So this deplorable state of affairs is here to stay with us and all honorable people have to cope with ongoing NSA spoofing and spying. Using strong cryptography for your data in transit can be a building block in defending your privacy and our freedom.

I can only hope that democracy, openness and honesty will prevail, agencies gone nuts will be tamed and their mazed leaders will not -heaven forbid- succeed to the crown.

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    Transferring ciphers as e-mail attachment(Troubleshooting)

    Using Academic Signature on a TAILS OS

    Critical questions commonly asked by experts                                                       

    Specifications: The "Academic Signature Standard"
    Paper(in german language) on using the tool in an academic environment


Academic Signature is my project
(Prof.Dr. Michael Anders) and has been online since 2011. 
Its design principles and my goals differ starkly from the design principles and goals adhered to in the commercial IT Security sector. 
Neither the project Academic Signature nor
my political statement on this page are affiliated with FH Wedel's newly introduced graduate program in IT Security.