Kolloquium: Semantic Web Technologies

Am 7. Juni referiert Arvo Lipitsäinen, Gastdozent von unserer Partneruniversität HAAGIA-HELIA in Helsinki, über sein Spezialgebiet 'Semantic Web'. Der Vortrag beginnt um 12:30 Uhr in Hörsaal 5. Er richtet sich an alle Informatik-Studierende und andere Interessierte an Web-Anwendungen, insbesondere auch an Interessierte des Studiengangs E-Commerce. Der Vortrag ist auf Englisch

Zum Vortrag:

The World Wide Web grew rapidly into a huge storage of information and content. The management of this is a great challenge. Some solutions like the meta data model of RDF or the vocabulary of Dublin core have been invented in order to go towards the vision of an entire semantic web. After these first steps, the development of its commercial, social and technical aspects has got a lot of facets. Concurrently, the significance of the web information and the need of its management increases continuously.

In the semantic web vision, computer programs understand the semantics of information and are able to reason on some level. Thus, semantic technologies are utilised by several content management products, services and approaches. Java is a programming language inspired by the web. This made Java the implementation language in many semantic web tools, e.g. Protége ontology editor and Jena semantic web framework.

The presentation discusses principles, standards and techniques of the semantic web vision in general. In particular it emphasizes on Java bindings and their application in business.

Zum Referenten:

Arvo Lipitsäinen has graduated M.Sc.(Eng.) at University of Oulu in 1979 and has long experience in various tasks in the software industry in Finland and Germany. As senior lecturer in the Information Technology department at HAAGA-HELIA he has taken part in teaching, developing, researching and writing in the domains of the software development, Internet and semantic technologies, mobile applications and enterprise architectures.

In Kürze:

Was: Kolloquium "Semantic Web Technologies"
Wann: 07.06.2013, 12:30 Uhr
Wo: Hörsaal 5, FH Wedel