Summer Seminar 2018: Deep Learning (english)

General Information

Contact: Prof. Dr. Dennis Säring

Audience: Bachelor and Master (B_ECom, B_Inf, B_ITE, B_Tinf, B_WInf, B_Minf, B_STec, M_ECom, M_Inf, M_ITS, M_ITE)

The seminar will take place on an Excursion Day (not defined yet)

Fixing the Schedule

The preparation meeting to fix the schedule of the talks took place on

     Tuesday, April 10th 2018, (time and room not defined yet)

Topic Assignement

The preparation meeting introducing the different topics and assigning topics to participants took place on

     Tuesday, January 9th 2017 at 12:30 p.m., lecture room HS6

Participation at this meeting is obligatory to attend the seminar. It is expected that you scan and skim the chapters of your interest in The Deep Learning book (see below)


Based on the Deep Learning Book [1][2] by Goodfellow, Benjio, and Courville and on the top papers in the field of Deep Learning for Medical Application [3] we will work on different aspects of deep learning. During preparation all participants will famliarize with the basics of deep learning and then focus on a selected deep learning topic. These topics are presented in one hour talks. The following topics are available:

  1. Deep Feedforward Networks
  2. Regularization for Deep Learning
  3. Optimization for Training Deep Models
  4. Convolutional Networks
  5. Recurrent and Recursive Nets
  6. Linear Factor Models
  7. Autoencoders
  8. Deep Learning for Medical Applications



Presenting each topic involves

  1. A talk (incl. slide presentation) of about 45 minutes plus 15 minutes time for discussion and methodological feed back. Talks are to be given in english.
  2. A report of approx. 20 pages that summarizes the topic in written form

Participation of attendees at every talk is required. Reasons for not showing up can exclusively be FH internal course conflicts or medical conditions. They still demand compensation. Not participating in two or more talks will result in failing the seminar.

Guests are welcome (Please register by email to